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What can I learn as a homeowner to help myself with my Heating & Cooling system?

LOTS! Let me help you with some basics!

  1. Know your equipment:
  2. How old is it?
  3. What SEER rating does the AC have, this is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and it is a number like 13 – 25 (your number may be lower if it´s older)
  4. If you have Gas for your Fueled heating, what is the efficiency rating, known as the AFUE. It will be a number like 80% or 95% etc.
  5. What refrigerant type are you operating on? R22 known as Freon or R410A known as Puron – and is the new Refrigerant. R22 is no longer manufactured and can only be bought until Jan 1, 2020.

The government regulates national SEER minimum ratings and changes those from time to time, usually years apart. Right now the Government minimum that you can BUY is 14 SEER. FACTS: The government cannot and does not mean by raising the minimum you can buy that you HAVE to replace your existing system. That is completely FALSE. All this means is if you upgrade, change out or your system breaks downs and needs replacing the minimum anyone in the Oklahoma Region (frankly most of the US) can buy is 14 SEER.

Why is SEER Important and how does it affect you? Well, simply said it´s the amount of energy it takes to dehumidify your home or cool it as most people refer to it as! So, the lower the number the LESS efficient that unit is. See Lennox´s GREAT Video on how your home HVAC system works together for a very simple, but effective way of understanding what´s really going on behind those walls or floors!

Why is AFUE or the Gas efficiency so important? It´s for the same reasons, if you take 100% of gas that is coming to your home and you have a 80% Gas Efficient Furnace, then you are loosing 20% or .20 for every $1.00 you spend on heating your home. So the lower that number is the less you are heating your home properly and the more you are spending to do so. Gas Furnaces are usually sold in 80%, 95%, 96% and 98%. The higher the number the more money you save!

Now, let´s talk about that “Evaporator Coil or A Coil” that people are always referring to. That is the INSIDE coil that sits with your inside Air Handler (electric) or Gas Furnace that works with your AC Unit or Condenser outside to dehumidify your home and disperse the heat it pulls out through the copper lines and out your AC Condensing Box outside. This Evaporator Coil MUST be the same type of refrigerant as the outside AC Condensing unit as the copper lines run the both of these units and mixing refrigerants will blow up your system.

Your entire system is a functioning together system that each component if properly matched will work efficient, save you money and cool/heat your home properly to your settings and comfort.

HVAC Solutions, LLC has chosen to sell Lennox Equipment and products to ensure the highest quality, American made (In Iowa) for 122 years now combined with value, integrity, human craftsmanship and not just machines as well as truly Innovative product lines that are designed to work together for SEER, AFUE, but also by adding in products like the BEST independently tested and rated Filter, Air Purification System and iComfort Communicating S30 Thermostat.

With product lines such as the Dave Lennox Signature Line up to XC25 SEER combined with the SLP98V Gas Furnace, iComfort S30 Communicating Thermostat and the PureAir Filtration system, you will have the most highly efficient, clean air system on the market that allows for less service calls and dealer monitoring for problems before they arise through the iComfort dashboard HVAC Solutions provides to all their customers with Lennox Equipment HVAC Maintenance Memberships!

While we love all the features in every piece of equipment Lennox has carefully thought out, test and innovatively and uniquely designed, these special features of each are really the: Variable Speed Capacity on the AC Unit, the Modulating Gas Valve on the Furnace (that is a fantastic even more Gas savings feature!) the brilliance of allowing your chosen HVAC Service Company to have your Thermostat on their daily checklist for alerts that you might not even see and can usually be resolved without a service call or fee and well as the PureAir Filtration. Our company cannot stress the importance of correctly filtering a home and the public has been mislead by marketing for so many years about what the correct method is. But this is MORE than filtering; this is purifying your home from Air borne virus´s including MERSA!

Questions? We have ANSWERS! And we love to give them!

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