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Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.
HVAC Solutions, LLC is a Full Service Heating & Air Conditioning Company. We were established in 2009 and have over 30 years of Heating & Air Conditioning Service & Installation combined. We do Residential and Commercial, we are a BBB Rated A- Company with Fantastic Reviews, the 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner and a top rated and reviewed Contractor with Home Advisor, Formally Servicemagic. Customer Service and Honesty are our two top priorities in all we do and we believe is transparency and education to the consumer and customer.

What are some of the most signs that your HVAC system needs to be repaired?
There are many different repairs within a HVAC System and so there are many signs, but during a Spring or Fall Check-up or Preventative Maintenance, some of the areas that we check closely to help us determine if the system is having problems are:

AC Outside Compressor and Fan Amps (the higher the amps they pull the harder the system is working to keep the inside cool), a part known as a Capacitor which is essentially what starts up the unit and in very hot temps this cap as we call them can and will “pop” and it will stop the unit from running at all. We also check all the wiring to make sure it’s not frayed and the contactor to make sure the power is getting sent to the appropriate areas. During the Fall Tune-Up we will make sure that the Heat Exchanger is in good working order and clean – as well as the igniter, flame sensors, and gas valves along with performing a CO test to make sure that levels of CO are not detectable in the home. As we all know CO is the silent killer. The main cause of that will be from a cracked heat exchanger.

When would you suggest that homeowners consider replacing it instead of repairing?
Typically we suggest that a Condenser is Replace (AC) when the cost of the repair with labor will be 1/2 the cost of the replacement.

Is there a time frame (or age) when you would usually recommend replacing heating and/or cooling equipment?
As long as the equipment is working and testing fine, with little to no repairs (good maintenance) we don’t ever suggest to replace equipment.

Can you briefly talk about some of the benefits of getting a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, system?
The two main benefits that will affect most consumer and homeowners are Energy Efficiency and Warranty. Every so often the Government raises the SEER (Seasonal Efficiency Energy Rating) to a higher number. Currently that number is 13 or 13 SEER. That means that manufacturers cannot make a AC Condenser Energy rating over the course of a year less than 13 SEER, however every manufacturer makes what they call “High Efficiency”. Basically the higher the number the less kwh you use, therefore saving money. The average rating of a unit in the OKC Metro that we work on that has not been replaced in the last 5 years is a 10 SEER.

Additionally the older refrigerant known as “Freon or R22” by all manufactures only holds a 5 year parts replacement warranty and is only made in 13 SEER now. This is due to the phase out of R22 on January 1st, 2020. However, switching to the newer refrigerant of R410A or “Puron” comes with a minimum of a 10 year parts replacement warranty in 13 SEER all the way up to a Lifetime Unit Replacement warranty from 1 manufacture for buying a 14 SEER or higher system.

The same is basically true of the Furnace or Electric Air Handler inside – although it’s rating is a AFUE – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Gas furnaces come in 80% efficiency or 96.1% efficiency. That simple means that out of 100% Gas being brought to the furnace to heat the home in the 80% Furnace, you are actually using 80% of the Gas to heat the home and 20% is going up through the flu vent and out of the home, or loss of gas and in the 96.1 you are using 96.1 and loosing 3.9%, therefore making it more efficient to have the 96.1%. Warranties vary of furnaces immensely based on blower speed, communicating styles and BTU output.

Do you have tips for people who have a noisy HVAC system?
Typically an AC or Outside Unit is not noisy by design so if it is extremely loud it probably deserves a Service Call and there are various things that can make noises and some quieting parts we can install, depending on the issue. More than likely it is due to a Compressor or Fan Motor rattling.

Inside, the Furnace or Heater has a blower motor and within that there are different speeds, and horsepower sizes, so we would want to make sure that the blower motor is appropriately sized (if it’s been replaced) and sometimes we can adjust the fan speed to help the noise if it is sized correctly. All issues that don’t “sound” normal are good indications for a Maintenance or service call.

What’s the best way for people to contact you and your company?
The best way is to contact us via phone at 405.474.6723 and if this is after hours, we have a on call technician available 24/7. Please just follow the prompts. However, for those that like or need to use the online communication, we have the opportunity for the to request appointments on our website at or on our Facebook page – HVAC Solutions as well as anytime!

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