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Q: Why should you have a Preventative Maintenance Plan or Service Membership Agreement?

A: Just like you take your car in for a standard oil change you should also tune your home’s Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. Most of us don’t even think about our HVAC equipment until it doesn’t work, and then we are either REALLY hot or FREEZING! Think of a Maintenance agreement as your way of making sure that your system is tuned, working optimally to save you money on energy bills and a way for you to know if something might being going on that would need more attention and budget for that appropriately. You’ll save $ on the energy savings and $ on the repairs that you can make NOW instead of the replacement you’ll do later if you wait! And it can be LIFE SAVING. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer and you’ll never know you have it unless you take the proper steps for a professionally cleaned unit, inspection and testing. Even self-installed CO detectors won’t alert or read CO sometimes until it reaches 40 PPM which is 5 times over the EPA regulation before death can occur.

Q: Which plan is right for me?

A: We have designed three very different plans and pricing for each customer to review based on their home, family and budget needs. If you have any questions on what is best for you, please do not hesitate to call our office and they can assist you in picking the right plan.

Q: What plan is the most popular?

A: On average, most of our customers choose the Gold Membership level. It is the medium plan that affords them a great price on their semi-annual tunes, a discount service call fee throughout the year, a 15% savings on all parts, repairs and replacements and gives them the most common replaced part on the A/C each year for FREE. Customers with severe allergies or heavier pet ownership typically belong to the Platinum for the lifetime filter and anticipated higher service call usage, lowering that fee significantly for their medical needs.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Easy! Sign up either by calling the office at 405.474.6723 or by Filling out the form here (equipment will be filled in on your visits if you don’t know the information) and faxing that with a Credit Card Authorization Form found here: to 405.290.1140. Your service will start upon receipt and is good for 365 days for all services listed! Renewals are done in the month that you signed up and the office will follow up with you to renew at the appropriate month so you never have to worry about scheduling or remembering that!



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