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R-22/Freon has increased AGAIN, almost double!

The cost of Freon or R-22 has increased yet again in the OKC Metro

As promised, our office is making every attempt to keep our customers and the community in the loop and area of the rising costs of Freon/R-22 and the options you have as a consumer.

What to do?

As the government phases out R-22 we have seen a steady but slower pace increased over the last 5 years, but as we approach the ending mark we have seen a significant and fast increase. Since the summer season started the price of R22/Freon has doubled in cost. As most of you know R-22/Freon Condensers have not been made in over a year now, which leaves consumers with the choice of continuing to fill up with R22 at high prices or switch their system out to the new 410A Puron. That decision is really getting easier and easier to make with the high rising cost coupled with most systems in R22 are older with a much lower SEER rating that the new government minimum of 14. Average R22 SEER ratings are a 8 – 10.

So what to do is the lingering question, and it’s a good one. Here are your options and the average costs (based on a 3 Ton system).

1. If you system is leaking less than 30% in 12 months then by EPA standards it can be refilled with R-22. On Average with stop leak products (which should be tried once at least) you are in the average fill up cost of about $1000.00.

2. You can switch your outside condenser and inside evap coil to the new 410A. On average with a line flush and installation your cost for a average 3 ton system would be about $4100. This does not include a new inside air handler or furnace, but that component is NOT necessary.

3. For cost savings later as well as energy savings you can switch out your entire system and on average for a 3 Ton System you are about $6600.00.

The cost of R-22 is high now, and as months go on and of course next season of Spring approaches it will be much higher, we anticipate about double the cost NOW. So that fill up cost above, will be double.

Now let’s talk SEER – this is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating that boils down to how well your unit is cooling and therefore, how much money your spending to run it. The HIGHER the number the better your savings is. Government minimum is 14 now and the average new system installed is 16 for a better savings.

R-22 vs R410-A. Which is better? Well, all around 410A is better and it is more energy efficient, so coupled with the better SEER rating you will have a better efficiency all around and save more money.

Warranty: That’s a BIG ONE! R-22 units used to come with a 5 year parts replacement warranty. However, ALL 410A manufactures have a 10 year parts replacement warranty and Amana has options for a Lifetime Unit replacement warranty (ask us for details).

Lastly, keep in mind that because R-22 is on it’s way out, the replacement of 410A is now the leading product being sold and as with any product that has the hold on the market, it too will have price increases based on pure supply and demand. We have already seen a smaller but real price increase this year.

OKAY…So what does this all really mean? It does in fact mean that at some point sooner than later if you have an R22 unit, it’s going to need to be replaced. The real question is what are you willing to put into it before then?

And now you are thinking, as I would, Okay Stacy great I want to replace but where do you think the money is going to come from? I get it, I really do. in preparation for this time period our Team has worked hard to secure new financing that is easy to secure, hassle free, has great rates, a lower credit requirement and has NO payments for three months! It’s a GREAT program and with a local credit union that really cares! You can read all about it and apply at our website

We hope that this information has been helpful. It can be very confusing and overwhelming, so I hope that I have been able to explain the basics in a straight-forward manner. As always, we are here for you to answer all your questions and discuss your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to call or email!

I’ll leave you with an Article from Angie’s List on this topic!



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