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What is condensation?

One might think a small pool of collected water around your outside unit might be a tell-tell sign that something might be wrong with your unit. As summer approaches and high temperatures predicted we wanted to take the time and set the story straight. Truth is condensation is a normal attribute when it comes to your a/c unit. What is condensation you ask? Condensation is what happens when the heat from outside is meeting the cool air that your unit is producing in its cycle. When the cool and hot air meet each other, they transform into the small “sweat beads” you are used to seeing on a hot summer day.

When do I need to seek a professional?

Now, there are times that will arise when you do see condensation that will need to be taken care of by a professional. One of those circumstances would be if you have a condensation clog. These happen often, and are usually caused from a natural buildup of debris and dirt that runs off your evaporator coil.

At some point that pipe gets clogged and needs to be cleaned out. Another instance that might cause you to seek the help of a HVAC technician would be if you see moisture in the closet as to where your furnace is located. Your evaporator coil will normally drain into a drain pain that is located underneath your furnace. If for any reason you have had a safety switch installed, and you have a condensation clog, this could eventually overflow causing your system to not turn on. It works much like the float switch in the back on your toilet…the water reaches a certain level, it stops! We want this so it doesn’t flood places like your ceiling of inside closet areas.

When is it okay?

If your outside unit has condensation on the copper pipes this is completely normal. This is the heat of the day reacting with your unit and causing its natural process to create moisture. This is usually where you would see a pool of water and think there is a problem, reset assured this is completely normal and actually is a good sign your unit is properly charged and functioning normally.

It NEVER hurts to ask – If ever there is a time where you just don’t know, it will never hurt for you to give us a call, or send us an email. We love hearing your questions and concerns and are always happy to help!



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