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Most people believe that simply cleaning the lint trap is good enough. That is NOT true. The truth is that much of the lint passes by that trap and accumulates into your dryer vent and continues to build up over time. How much and how long depends on the amount of use of the dryer, pets and how many elbows are in the dryer venting to the outside of your home. We are not just talking about the metal looking flex duct from your dryer to the main venting outside your home. That can be replaced quickly and inexpensively itself. Here are some facts and evaluations on rather or not your dryer vent should be cleaned:

  1. Your dryer takes more than 1 proper cycle to dry your clothes.
  2. Your dryer is hot to the touch when drying a load of clothes.
  3. There is a musty or odd smell coming from the dryer or left on your clothes after drying.
  4. Smoke, or a “heat smell” while drying your clothes.

When the venting to the outside of your home is restricted, especially with gas dryers, your vents are restricted on allowing the exhaust to leave the home, forcing it back into the home, causing fire dangers and Carbon Monoxide build up, with a high risk of fires. And if that were not scary enough, here are some facts that will shock you! Over 15,000 fires and 20 deaths and 300 injuries with over $80 Million in property damage was reported by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in a 1999 study. The two areas that caused most of these issues were concentrated in the lint trap and dryer vents with both Electrical and Gas Dryers. Believe it or not a Electric dryer has over a 250 times greater chance of a fire related to improper vent cleaning!

In addition to the safety reasons, having your vents cleaned properly and timely will allow your electrical and gas bill to lower saving you money and of course time to get that laundry done without multiple cycles.



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